Magic of Chocolate

“The History, Mystery, and Magic of Chocolate”. . .

…is a public chocolate lecture and taste testing presented by Cathy Bouchard whose incredible story almost a decade ago started the Chocolat “ing” of America.TM

Known today to be the greatest source of antioxidants and the most nutritionally dense organic food on the planet – high cacao content chocolate is the newest food “star” and rising rapidly.

Attendees of her lectures will experience various percentages of cacao from the crude cacao wafers that the Aztec Warriors carried with them into battle – to the smoothest versions of real chocolate imported from Europe, the birthplace of solid non-liquid chocolate, powders, bars, truffles and the decadent confections that we associate today with gourmet chocolate.

Cathy Bouchard explores the current and potential health benefits of real chocolate and shares entertaining historical facts and anecdotes relating to this ancient treat. Surely your mind will be opened to the incredible “Power of Cacao”. The same energizing “Power of Cacao” that the Mayans referred to building the pyramids with.

Come hear the stories of simply improved or dramatically transformed lives associated with her program The Chocolate RegimenTM. Advanced seminars will explore the significant differences between European, American and Single Origin chocolates. She will also expose the misinformation and misleading ads and nutritional labels being cleverly worded by American chocolate manufacturers to deceive the public.

Come find out why one “ounce” of our “prevention” is worth a pound of cure. Medicine never tasted so good!

In addition to her local Naperville, IL seminars, Cathy takes her lectures “on the road” too. She has given over 200 lectures throughout Chicagoland on “The Health Benefits of Cacao and Chocolate”.

Lectures given at:

  • Health & Fitness Organizations
  • Wellness Clinics
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Schools, Libraries & Churches
  • Medical Facilities
  • Corporations / Chambers / Clubs
  • Rehabilitation / Retirement / Assisted Living
  • Not-for-Profit Organizations
  • Private & Public Events / Festivals

Bring Cathy and her delicious and informative chocolate presentation to your event or organization. Call 630.355.5720 today!

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